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तस्मात्त्वमुक्तिष्ठ यशो लभस्व जित्वा शत्रून्भुङ्‍क्ष्व राज्यं समृद्धम्‌ । मयैवैते निहताः पूर्वमेव निमित्तमात्रं भव सव्यसाचिन्‌॥ Therefore, stand up and obtain fame. Conquer the enemies and enjoy the unrivalled kingdom. Verily, they have already been slain by Me; be thou a mere instrument, O Arjuna! - Bhagwat Gita ( CH-11 SK-33 )

Hospital Security Solutions are increasingly becoming extremely important and affordable to Reduce Theft and Protect Patients and Staff

Security for health-care facilities can be a challenge

Outside the hospital premise: Emergency vehicles, patients and guests come and go at all hours.
Inside hospital premise: Newborns, patients with mental disorders, elderly people with reduced mobility and hectic emergency rooms can be chaotic.

There’s a lot to be considered to provide an efficient security system.

Monitoring parking lots to prevent theft and identify people and vehicles.
Integration with access control systems for greater control over restricted areas.
Ensuring the lowest possible total cost of ownership (TCO).
STS (Savsachin Technology Solutions) uses a robust mixture of technology to help protect staff and patients, reduce liability, and help prevent vandalism, unauthorized access, and kidnapping.

Monitor and Secure Locations, gather intelligence about facility operations, centrally manage entire security systems.

Protect patients and staff with a solution that can integrate with current video and access control systems. Learn about staff and employee behavior and improve access control with powerful video analytics. Streamline IT operations in multi-site deployments with centralized IT management from the cloud to improve efficiency.

The STS Technology Ecosystem for Hospitals and Health-care Facilities

STS MATE, our highly scalable, easy-to-use video management software (VMS) also delivers a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). It integrates with existing infrastructure and grows with evolving needs.

STS MATE, with its native suite of powerful video analytics coupled and the VMS areat the heart of creating an effective solution for any healthcare facility.

Business Intelligence for Your Security System

A health-care facility is still a business. Learn about patient and staff behavior to improve the decision-making process at all levels of management. Empower people to make the right decision at the right time and turn information into insights. Also, alerts immediately notify staff and security via email or text message if there is an issue that needs attention, increasing staff and public safety.

STS License Plate Recognition (SLPR)

Control access to parking lots with ALPR and help prevent unauthorized use and vandalism.

STS Outdoor People and Vehicle Tracking

Monitor all vehicle and person activity in a parking lot to ensure patient and staff safety.

Face Recognition

Replace key-card access with Face Recognition or add Face recognition to key-card access systems for two-factor authentication and greater control over restricted areas.

STS Indoor People Tracking

Monitor high-traffic and busy common areas to protect staff and patients, and reduce liability for accident claims.

STS Thin Client: Improve Patient Care and Operations with This Cost-effective Solution

The STS Thin Client is an efficient tool for displaying and reviewing surveillance footage. For example, it can provide video displays for nursing stations or prep rooms waiting for OR clearance. With an easy, five-minute installation and access from a smartphone, it is a popular choice.

STS Physical Security Appliance: A Big Solution for A Small Space

Harness the STS ecosystem in one small package. The STS Physical Security Appliance (PSA) is ideal for small health-care facilities needing up to 32 cameras. It has the option for video analytics and no software installation is required. The PSA can easily mount in space-constricted areas, making it powerful and convenient.