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तस्मात्त्वमुक्तिष्ठ यशो लभस्व जित्वा शत्रून्भुङ्‍क्ष्व राज्यं समृद्धम्‌ । मयैवैते निहताः पूर्वमेव निमित्तमात्रं भव सव्यसाचिन्‌॥ Therefore, stand up and obtain fame. Conquer the enemies and enjoy the unrivalled kingdom. Verily, they have already been slain by Me; be thou a mere instrument, O Arjuna! - Bhagwat Gita ( CH-11 SK-33 )

Loss prevention, improved public service delivery, reducing corruption, safety and security of citizens, monitoring and immediate action response are key in the midst of increased terror and crime activities

Determining crime and vandalism as well as protecting against terrorism are the need-of-the-hour and are becoming more and more important for town and community leaders. Protecting and safeguarding citizens is increasingly becoming important for towns and cities. Many communities round the world already using intelligent video analytics.

A proper security camera system will be responsible for Local and national governments as they have the necessity to deploy video surveillance in several locations like parks, administration buildings, courts and more, which adds security to overall improvement for the safety in public areas. STS MATE delivers intelligent video systems for the respective field of application, from the right camera technology to the high-performance recording systems, and even including intelligent video analysis.

Intelligent video analytic systems signify a major contribution, particularly to protecting the perimeters of acute infrastructures. Our developed system is able to identify unauthorized intruders automatically and initiate an alarm immediately.

We provide scalable and seamless integration with powerful video management software for Government safety. We are responsible for intelligence to security organizations to fight against terror and crime. Our video management software enables law implementation to enhance operations to help government agencies that neutralize criminal attack, terrorist, and other threats by assisting operational units to better focus on suspects and suspicious behavior and to deploy field resources more effectively.

Live video can also be accessed with an Internet web browser or any mobile device with Internet access. This allows specified law enforcement officers to view video from a remote scene while en route to any location. The first & foremost responsibility of any country’s government is to protect the safety of its citizens and the nation’s property, be it terrorist attack or natural disaster – having the right equipment and resources in place makes all the difference. STS MATE Technology is ready to support federal, state and local government agencies with cutting edge technology to help to meet their responsibilities.